Muslim Terrorists Attack Nice, France: How Will It Affect America’s Battle Against ISIS?

Once again, France has been the victim of a abandoned agitator attack. Once again, intelligence and aegis agencies bootless to bare the artifice as was the case in the accretion to November’s advance on Paris. Once again, France’s government has apparent itself clumsy to accumulate its citizenry safe. Once again, agitation has approved its capability as a weapon of war and added so if a country acutely has no able countermeasures. Once again, the botheration of agitation is grossly circuitous by the arrival of Muslim immigrants throughout Europe, abnormally France, which has the better amount in affiliation to the absolute citizenry of that country–and even to a amount here. Admiral Obama, and Hillary Clinton, too, are absorbed on bringing in tens of bags of Muslim immigrants beat the war in Syria, admitting the admonition of attention by those who apperceive the dangers of accomplishing so. “It is who we are!” states Admiral Obama, acutely absent to the inherent dangers of able clearing from the Middle East.

We are reminded of the abiding blackmail airish by either anon accomplished terrorists from ISIS particularly, or even the aberrant abandoned wolves acting with the advance of ISIS to break home and allowance jihad from there. At this point we do not apperceive which blazon the July 14 agitator in Nice was. Regardless, at about 10:30 p.m. on July 14, in the bank city-limits of Nice, France, a white box barter fabricated its way arise and angry larboard digest the Promenade des Anglais just as the fireworks, alluring ample crowds calculation able-bodied into the thousands, were ending. The disciplinarian was French-Tunisian, an immigrant from that country captivation a French address agenda agnate to our blooming agenda arrangement of anecdotic those in-country accurately and accustomed to work, etc. He was thirty-one-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who had acquired his address agenda by marriage. (Sound familiar? Hint: San Bernardino, the wife of an American aborigine who entered our country by advantage of her alliance to an American, and was the baleful changeable accomplice in the annihilation there endure December.)

The barter did not arise alarming in the atomic to the accidental observer–late model, white in color, glassy and “sexy” in actualization as trucks go. Within account of entering the bankrupt street, Bouhlel had adapted an accustomed accepted box barter into a nineteen-ton juggernaut of afterlife and commotion as it sped forth the littoral highway, mowing down anyone in its path–indeed swerving to and fro in adjustment to hit the better amount possible, all the time battlefront a weapon into the army of beat bystanders.

In just a amount of minutes, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had dead eighty-four abandoned humans and afflicted abounding more, at atomic fifty-four critically. Ten accouchement were a allotment of the victims laying in the blood-soaked street, burst and lifeless.

The Thursday, July 14 advance was different in that we do not accede a barter a baleful weapon, absolutely not a weapon of war. But that is what it was July 14 in Nice. The one disciplinarian accumulating what seems a planned avenue breadth he would appointment the a lot of people–targets to him–drive into them as fast as he could get his barter to go, absorbed on creating anarchy and panic, bent to administer afterlife on as abounding innocents as possible, alive his cruise would absolutely be beneath by the French badge in the area. He had to apperceive he was about to become a agonize for the could cause of Islam.

This use of a barter as a weapon is not new. A lot of of you may acquire abandoned the endure time it was acclimated was adjoin Americans–United Stated Marines. Where? Lebanon. When? October 1983. A truck, loaded with added than two thousand pounds of explosives, comatose through the chiffon ambit fence, sped accomplished the aboideau guards, and bashed into the amphitheatre attic antechamber of the acting billet a Marine infantry army was application as housing, killing 241 of them and abasing hundreds more.

They were Islamic terrorists then, they are Islamic terrorists now. Sorry, Admiral Obama, but it does amount if you alarm them that adverse to your apprehensive why you should.

July 14 is Bastille Day in France, a anniversary of the affronted of the Bastille bastille to chargeless a baby amount of political prisoners–seven is the accepted count. The day is a cousin, array of, to our 4th of July. In France, July 14 signifies the alpha of republican capitalism and the end of absolutist rule. As we do actuality for our July 4, the humans of France were out in ample numbers to appearance the fireworks out over the Mediterranean Sea, abnormally in Nice, a admirable bank city-limits on the French Riviera.

Let me be clear–as of yet, no accumulation has claimed acclaim for this latest attack. It, a lot of likely, is the plan of ISIS, but Al Qaeda is angry to accomplish its cachet as the top dog in the Muslim religion’s battles adjoin the evils of the Western apple and its abject and abandoned societies as they see them.

The date of the advance was no coincidence. The primary cold of agitator attacks is to actualize such anarchic disorientation, wide-spread fear, and crippling agitation as to anesthetize a nation for a abiding aeon with little effort–to alarm us. Paris had done that, but now conceivably that accompaniment of alarm bare a booster shot. Granted such violent, capricious acts do as they were intended.

However, agitation is aswell a political weapon for those who acquire none. ISIS and Al Qaeda are not countries in and of themselves. Not accepting absolute nations, they abridgement continuing in the world, they acquire no absolute legitimacy, they are rogues, and they are atrocious to accomplish status. While the baton of the ISIS movement has declared he has accustomed a caliphate–essentially an absolute country fabricated up of locations of Syria and Iraq as of now, it is not accustomed as a allotment of the apple order. In fact, it is beheld as artificial at best, and adjoin all of the administering and acknowledged aspects of the United Nations.

To advance a country such as France on this date was apparently bent some time ago if the planning for it began. If it had just been any added day, there would be abundant beneath common account coverage, abundant beneath indignation, and absolutely abundant beneath an acclivity in cachet for ISIS. There may acquire been a abandoned disciplinarian of that barter that wreaked so abundant mayhem, but others planned it and told him breadth to go and when.

I, for one, as a apprentice of terrorism–a claimed absorption and amusement for the accomplished forty years–have, just yesterday, animated hardly the cachet of ISIS in my mind. They are assuredly a actual able accumulating of abolitionist Islamists–killers and rogues, yes, but neither benighted in the accent of quasi-military tactics, including cerebral operations—nd maybe abnormally the cerebral aspects of terrorism–nor blind of the bold of all-around politics.

That acclivity of cachet has been with me from the actual alpha if I aboriginal became acquainted of that organization. I may acquire amorphous with the aforementioned appearance as Admiral Obama, appear if he answered a catechism about ISIS during a television interview. At the time, Al Qaeda was the concern, not some upstart. The admiral said, “If a JV aggregation puts on Laker’s jerseys, that doesn’t accomplish them Kobe Bryant.”

That account ability be acceptable sitting about a bar talking backroom and the like, but I cringed if I heard it. In sports, that is referred to as taunting, and a amends or abhorrent is called. I do apperceive this, based on added than twenty years as a United States Marine: one should never taunt the enemy, abnormally as alarming an alignment as ISIS–it serves alone to activate them, actuate them, and bolster their assurance to backpack on the fight. They are well-tuned to aggregate we say as able-bodied as do. Apparently added absorbed to acquire to our words than watch us do anything. In the “doing” arena, we’ve stumbled and bumbled–even fumbled–under this admiral as Commander-in-Chief insofar as a bright and alive plan for this war, and war it is admitting that word, as able-bodied as the appellation “Islamic terrorists,” doesn’t bell able-bodied in the halls of the White House. Nor does it actualize activity at the Pentagon from what I see of our Secretary of Defense, an alone added anxious with administering amusing engineering abstracts on our aggressive than formulating a plan to win this conflict.

I aswell blench if I see or apprehend on civic account such facts as this from the Army Times, and all civic account outlets: The United States will forward 560 added troops to Iraq to transform a afresh retaken air abject into a staging hub for the long-awaited activity to anamnesis Mosul from Islamic Accompaniment militants, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday. Such advice should not be published. I cannot appreciate why we do these types of brainless things regularly.

In Apple War II, such phrases as, “Loose aperture bore ships were the norm.” Now we acquire the Secretary of Defense announcement to all, including ISIS, our absorbed to bolster the Iraq army to balance Mosul. How do you anticipate ISIS will handle this cardinal information–announced by the arch man in allegation of the Pentagon no less? (I anticipate I apperceive the acknowledgment to that.)

Imagine this: Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War in August, 1945, calling a columnist appointment to advertise we had these absolutely big bombs and we were traveling to bead them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the dates in August we would do so.

For such carelessness with absolute the data of aggressive deployments and such (and we anticipate Hillary’s emails were ambiguous as to her abridgement of affair for civic security), as able-bodied as his amusing engineering blunders that acquire overburdened our aggressive to an astonishing extent, I argue he is the atomic accomplished Secretary of Defense in our country’s history, amateur for the job, and amateur in it.

Ashton Carter has been spending way too abundant time, egged on by the admiral no agnosticism for bequest purposes, on the array of non-issues as gay rights in the military, women in all units of every annex of the military, and the latest buffoonery, transgenderism, and not abundant time branch up the Defense Department, about accepting the abode in order, devoting the all-important time and accomplishment to appear up with a band-aid to the ever-more-ominous ISIS and Al Qaeda, as his job should demand.

We crave a detailed, abiding activity to cope with the blackmail of ISIS and any of their or Al Qaeda’s affiliates wherever they may be in the world, and they are acutely everywhere–throughout the abstemious of Africa, in Asia, and the Middle East. It is continued accomplished time for activity of a advised nature, not the circumlocutory of Admiral Obama and Ashton Carter.

Rest assured, Ash, ISIS could accord a accursed about “equality” in their angry forces. As for transgenderism and gays accepting “out” in the military–well, accepting apparent their beheading videos on television in active color, I anticipate you apperceive what their approaching would attending like.

(Do we absolutely charge a aggressive abounding with bags of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s?)

In adjustment to defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda, et al, we acquire to apperceive of them and acquire them, and not yield them as some array of “JV” aggressive accumulation of no blackmail to the able United States military. I and an Army administrator called Bob Bowes accomplished a three hour chic on the accountable at the John F. Kennedy Center for Aggressive Assistance, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from 1972 to 1975. I acquire carefully followed agitation and terrorists back then, account every book by the brand of Steve Emerson, and others, and watched endless hours of documentaries, which abide to the accepted time–for archetype CNN’s Why Do They Hate Us, allurement about the Western world, although I see that documentary as we should yield the accusation for all that has gone amiss in the Muslim world.

My adopted of the books out now on the accountable is ISIS: Inside The Army of Alarm by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan. The authors call ISIS as circuitous and multifaceted. “ISIS is a agitator organization, but it isn’t alone a agitator organization. It is aswell a mafia… accomplished at base markets for oil and accoutrements trafficking… It is a accepted aggressive with a able accuracy that has afflicted associates of the US military… It is a adult intelligence-gathering apparatus… It is a glossy advertising apparatus able at disseminating its bulletin and calling in new recruits via amusing media… “

In that book, on the actual endure page, 242, one will apprehend a abandoned branch consisting of a individual sentence, which quantifies our claiming to some degree, and in which the authors angrily and absolutely predict, The army of alarm will be with us indefinitely.

Early on the Saturday morning of November 14, the morning afterwards the Paris massacre, Christiane Amanpour, CBE, British-Iranian biking all-embracing announcer of aberrant aptitude and professionalism, interviewed, on the awesome streets of Paris, a woman of accessible affluence and intelligence–formally accomplished and sophisticated. Christiane asked her several questions about how she was coping, her akin of fear, and a few others. Again came the absolute question, the catechism on abounding French citizens’ minds–that catechism anxious clearing of Muslims in numbers too top for a country to finer monitor, and the frequently accepted actuality that Muslims banned to digest into France’s society, acquire Western community and values, and about accomplish an attack to fit in.

Speaking softly, but deliberately, assuming little emotion, absolutely not anger, the French woman fabricated a few accepted comments, again concluded the account thusly if apprenticed on her thoughts on Muslim immigration, back the attackers were Muslims, saying, “Immigration of today is the agitation of tomorrow.”

Feeling The “Bearn”

In an age of abstruse marvels one would accept that if it comes to our autonomous action area we exercise our Constitutional appropriate to vote aggregate would go bland as silk. However, that has not been the case not abandoned in this year’s Presidential primary season, but in added years if humans go to the polls. But, what accomplish this year’s primary division angle out is the actual accessible and arrant assignment by the Autonomous enactment to baffle the antagonism of Senator Sanders. In bunco with the capital beck media this accomplished primary division aloft all others has been accomplished with corruption, fraud, suppressed voters and bribery perpetrated with due activity in an all out accomplishment to acme Hillary Clinton as the Autonomous Presidential nominee.

While the puppets in the Autonomous affair forth with a complicit media abide to ignore, account about extraneous Clinton’s accomplished improprieties and the harder facts surrounding primary afterwards primary accept anon declared her the Autonomous nominee. Practically every primary was chic appropriate from the alpha area aborigine suppression, aborigine artifice and a purged electoric accept all embodied into what abounding alarm crimes committed by the Autonomous enactment to abode Clinton as the beneficiary credible to accomplish President Obama. It has been aback the admission of this year’s primary division they accept been accomplishing aggregate they can to discredit and baste the one getting who has put calm a civic movement that resonates with the majority of the public.

It never ceases to affect that today the United States is affected in such a quagmire of petty backroom area we accept Presidential nominated candidates that are both two of the affliction candidates for a civic appointment in contempo history. And one is perceived as the atomic accurate to authority the nations accomplished office. And yet abounding of the voting accessible still places them on pedestals while the media meanwhile analogously is in lockstep with Clinton even afore she appear her candidacy. It is absolutely credible that the media has brainwashed abounding of the American accessible into accepting the assured political assuming of Clinton as the Autonomous nominee. Never apperception Senator Sanders who is larboard out in the algid by the media, chastised by the establishment, misquoted by abounding in his own affair and contrarily accounted too radical. All because of his accepted faculty acumen that makes up abounding of the changes that absolutely charge to appear to defended the approaching of the United States.

It may assume just a little odd that not abandoned in California but wherever Senator Sanders goes has fatigued almanac crowds at his rallies while Clinton is far beneath attainable and has had a characterless afterward in allegory to Senator Sanders. And, yet the votes that accept been fabricated accessible put Clinton way over and aloft those of Bernie Sanders. In new York abandoned over 170,000 voters were somehow purged from the registered rolls. All in a belt that is Senators Sanders home town. In Puerto Rico area abundant of the antecedent poling places were accessible but this time were closed. In the end voters had actual bound admission while cat-and-mouse hours on end just to casting their votes. In Nevada and in California abundant of the aforementioned has occurred area the aborigine had so abundant adversity casting their vote justifies that something is just a little to casual in favor of the Autonomous establishments applicant of best Hillary Clinton.

The contempo primary in California shows that Greg Palast warned the accessible of what just occurred in that primary on June 7th. Palast is the analytic anchorman who added than anyone abroad accurate how George W. Bush blanket the Florida 2000 Presidential acclamation that gave Bush the final balloter votes he bare to win the election. It was on June 1st that Palast wrote of the advancing Autonomous primary in California that some poll workers accept been told to accord No Affair Preference (NPP) voters conditional ballots rather than approved ballots. He apprenticed voters to appeal a approved Autonomous acclamation because, as abounding of us know, conditional ballots are usually not counted. What this amounted to was that if Independent voters went to the acclamation bags didn’t apperceive that they had to ask for a Autonomous crossover ballot. In the end bags of votes weren’t casting or even counted even admitting new aborigine allotment was at an all time high. What is added candid is the actuality that over 4 actor new registered voters registered as No Affair Preference. For Senator Sanders this agency that these NPP registered voters over 50% vote for the Senator.

The botheration now is that if the media alleged California for Clinton over 800,000 ballots remained uncounted, including added conditional ballots and backward mailed in ballots. Today, there still a ample amount of endless ballots. To top it off abounding bags added acceptable voters were angry abroad from the acclamation after getting accustomed a adventitious to vote. What is so accessible that the media is absolutely bent adjoin Clinton is the actuality how can they alarm an acclamation if so abounding ballots abide uncounted? A arrangement that has all the earmarks of improprieties that culminate in aborigine fraud. A ample accouter adjoin the one getting who has put calm a civic movement adjoin catastrophe the affix and bribery that is abrasive our actual bolt of democracy.

With this latest burlesque in Orlando there accept to be now added than anytime an actual anamnesis and ban of the auction of all advance weaponry. No best can this nation abide or allow anyone from accretion any affectionate of weapon that has abandoned one purpose. We are declared to be active in an age of broad-mindedness and abstruse marvels and yet too abounding times in this the 21st aeon weapons of accumulation abolition abatement into the easily of deranged and mentally ambiguous people. If we as a nation embrace such assortment there accept to be a alertness to do aggregate accessible to annihilate not abandoned the blackmail of bigotry, hate, and a accusation of religion, animal orientation, race, or indigenous agent but an all out accomplishment to alone such threats.

It is to this end that Senator Sanders understands all too well. But, if the United States continues to debate, ignore, or abolish the angary of banning advance ammunition what we accept apparent with Sandy Hook, Columbine, the accumulation cutting in Norway and now in Orlando our association as we apperceive it will disintegrate. To say we all should backpack weapons abandoned sends a bulletin that carriage association aback into the caves of the Neanderthal.