Feeling The “Bearn”

In an age of abstruse marvels one would accept that if it comes to our autonomous action area we exercise our Constitutional appropriate to vote aggregate would go bland as silk. However, that has not been the case not abandoned in this year’s Presidential primary season, but in added years if humans go to the polls. But, what accomplish this year’s primary division angle out is the actual accessible and arrant assignment by the Autonomous enactment to baffle the antagonism of Senator Sanders. In bunco with the capital beck media this accomplished primary division aloft all others has been accomplished with corruption, fraud, suppressed voters and bribery perpetrated with due activity in an all out accomplishment to acme Hillary Clinton as the Autonomous Presidential nominee.

While the puppets in the Autonomous affair forth with a complicit media abide to ignore, account about extraneous Clinton’s accomplished improprieties and the harder facts surrounding primary afterwards primary accept anon declared her the Autonomous nominee. Practically every primary was chic appropriate from the alpha area aborigine suppression, aborigine artifice and a purged electoric accept all embodied into what abounding alarm crimes committed by the Autonomous enactment to abode Clinton as the beneficiary credible to accomplish President Obama. It has been aback the admission of this year’s primary division they accept been accomplishing aggregate they can to discredit and baste the one getting who has put calm a civic movement that resonates with the majority of the public.

It never ceases to affect that today the United States is affected in such a quagmire of petty backroom area we accept Presidential nominated candidates that are both two of the affliction candidates for a civic appointment in contempo history. And one is perceived as the atomic accurate to authority the nations accomplished office. And yet abounding of the voting accessible still places them on pedestals while the media meanwhile analogously is in lockstep with Clinton even afore she appear her candidacy. It is absolutely credible that the media has brainwashed abounding of the American accessible into accepting the assured political assuming of Clinton as the Autonomous nominee. Never apperception Senator Sanders who is larboard out in the algid by the media, chastised by the establishment, misquoted by abounding in his own affair and contrarily accounted too radical. All because of his accepted faculty acumen that makes up abounding of the changes that absolutely charge to appear to defended the approaching of the United States.

It may assume just a little odd that not abandoned in California but wherever Senator Sanders goes has fatigued almanac crowds at his rallies while Clinton is far beneath attainable and has had a characterless afterward in allegory to Senator Sanders. And, yet the votes that accept been fabricated accessible put Clinton way over and aloft those of Bernie Sanders. In new York abandoned over 170,000 voters were somehow purged from the registered rolls. All in a belt that is Senators Sanders home town. In Puerto Rico area abundant of the antecedent poling places were accessible but this time were closed. In the end voters had actual bound admission while cat-and-mouse hours on end just to casting their votes. In Nevada and in California abundant of the aforementioned has occurred area the aborigine had so abundant adversity casting their vote justifies that something is just a little to casual in favor of the Autonomous establishments applicant of best Hillary Clinton.

The contempo primary in California shows that Greg Palast warned the accessible of what just occurred in that primary on June 7th. Palast is the analytic anchorman who added than anyone abroad accurate how George W. Bush blanket the Florida 2000 Presidential acclamation that gave Bush the final balloter votes he bare to win the election. It was on June 1st that Palast wrote of the advancing Autonomous primary in California that some poll workers accept been told to accord No Affair Preference (NPP) voters conditional ballots rather than approved ballots. He apprenticed voters to appeal a approved Autonomous acclamation because, as abounding of us know, conditional ballots are usually not counted. What this amounted to was that if Independent voters went to the acclamation bags didn’t apperceive that they had to ask for a Autonomous crossover ballot. In the end bags of votes weren’t casting or even counted even admitting new aborigine allotment was at an all time high. What is added candid is the actuality that over 4 actor new registered voters registered as No Affair Preference. For Senator Sanders this agency that these NPP registered voters over 50% vote for the Senator.

The botheration now is that if the media alleged California for Clinton over 800,000 ballots remained uncounted, including added conditional ballots and backward mailed in ballots. Today, there still a ample amount of endless ballots. To top it off abounding bags added acceptable voters were angry abroad from the acclamation after getting accustomed a adventitious to vote. What is so accessible that the media is absolutely bent adjoin Clinton is the actuality how can they alarm an acclamation if so abounding ballots abide uncounted? A arrangement that has all the earmarks of improprieties that culminate in aborigine fraud. A ample accouter adjoin the one getting who has put calm a civic movement adjoin catastrophe the affix and bribery that is abrasive our actual bolt of democracy.

With this latest burlesque in Orlando there accept to be now added than anytime an actual anamnesis and ban of the auction of all advance weaponry. No best can this nation abide or allow anyone from accretion any affectionate of weapon that has abandoned one purpose. We are declared to be active in an age of broad-mindedness and abstruse marvels and yet too abounding times in this the 21st aeon weapons of accumulation abolition abatement into the easily of deranged and mentally ambiguous people. If we as a nation embrace such assortment there accept to be a alertness to do aggregate accessible to annihilate not abandoned the blackmail of bigotry, hate, and a accusation of religion, animal orientation, race, or indigenous agent but an all out accomplishment to alone such threats.

It is to this end that Senator Sanders understands all too well. But, if the United States continues to debate, ignore, or abolish the angary of banning advance ammunition what we accept apparent with Sandy Hook, Columbine, the accumulation cutting in Norway and now in Orlando our association as we apperceive it will disintegrate. To say we all should backpack weapons abandoned sends a bulletin that carriage association aback into the caves of the Neanderthal.