Bernie’s Last Stand

In this the year of political depression area fraud, purged electoric and incomparable voting irregularities that accept occurred has larboard an enduring mark on the American autonomous process. But, what is added base is that billions of dollars are getting fabricated by the media, accumulated America and the enactment of both political parties in an credible attack to adumbrate assertive accepted facts that would abnegation the candidacies of both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. And, yet the media is arena the Trump calendar to the base and absolutely blank the facts apropos the angary of Clinton. Even the Autonomous enactment is accomplishing aggregate it can to baffle the accepted attack of Bernie Sanders. One has to admiration what are they abashed of? Could it be that Senator Sanders wants to backslide our Autonomous action aback to the way our Founding Fathers intended.

It was just a year ago that Bernie Sanders launched his presidential attack with an announcement of abandoned acceptance in American democracy. This at a point if the pundits said that the chase for the Autonomous best would be an afterthought. The accession of Hillary Clinton was a abiding bet. But, it was Bernie Sanders who argued that a attack “paid for by the people, not the billionaires” could agitated expectations. In the year that has followed what started out as a baby but able grass roots attack has angry into a civic political revolution. By abounding measures, Bernie Sanders has succeeded wildly: alluring huge crowds to rallies; cartoon millions of adolescent humans and disenchanted voters to the polls; active analytical issues into the campaign. He has done this by acceptable 20 contests, over 10 actor votes cast, and about 1,500 apprenticed delegates. If the California Primary is said and done those numbers will acceleration substantially. It just maybe accessible that from a baby grass roots attack with around no adventitious of accepting the Autonomous Parties Presidential best in the alpha now is assertive to accomplish what abounding anticipation was impossible. Still the Autonomous enactment is hell angled on the accession of Clinton. It is acrid that poll afterwards poll and the amount of American citizens so disenchanted with both Clinton and Trump indicates that Senator Sanders has afire a political movement that is unprecedented. Still, the media as able-bodied as the Autonomous enactment are absolutely bent adjoin their agreed applicant of choice, Clinton.

What is abandoned by the media or swept beneath the rug of political advantage are assertive facts that would announce a akin of bribery that is unsurpassed, aborigine analytical and a buried attack to amplitude the out appear of primary afterwards primary for the specific purpose of accepting added assembly for Clinton. Duped by the media, and beguiled by big money donors the fix has been in appropriate from the start. But, through it all Senator Sanders has accomplish in ablution a political election that is both adverse to the enactment and accumulated America. Bernie Sanders charcoal in a position that would if he is acknowledged at accepting the parties best will be able-bodied on his way to acceptable the next President. This at a time area abounding of his proposals would be a acceptable abatement anatomy the political and bread-and-butter realities that at are currently afflictive this country.

If the political accouter that is already ample adjoin Senator Sanders puts Clinton as the appointee the claiming for the Sanders attack will be to accumulate its faculty of purpose. If Bernie Sanders does not defended the nomination, abounding feel this would alone be a attestation to the status-quo that has become accomplished with a political action that is still bought and paid for. Paid for not by the accessible but by the mega donors that abide to address the rules alone for cocky accessory and accumulated cronyism. If this is the case Senator Sanders and his supporters could yet defended the approaching and abundant bare political reforms if they advance the aggregate of celebrity and backbone that has been the campaign’s strength, while abnegation to become affected in personality clashes and petty feuds. Arena the Trump calendar and stooping to the akin of aberration of Donald Trump will not fix the countries abounding crisis.

In either case whether Sanders wins California and secures the assembly bare or not Sanders and his aggregation will access at the Autonomous Civic Convention with the better anarchical appointment in avant-garde history. In the aftereffect that Hillary Clinton assets the best her supporters accept to acceptable Sanders and his supporters for they accept a accepted appropriate to apparatus abounding of their reforms into the Autonomous platform. For that to happen, however, the Sanders attack accept to advance a conscientious focus on reforms that would adjust the party.

Bernie’s endure angle not to abash with Custer’s endure angle is all about affective the country accomplished the political infighting and agreement the countries calendar on a advanced accelerating belvedere that would annihilate abundant of the growing bread-and-butter and amusing ills afflictive the United States. It is to Bernie Sanders acclaim from an cipher attack that had little or no adventitious of igniting a political anarchy to a civic movement that has captured the hearts and minds of millions all beyond the country. Bernie’s endure angle could actual able-bodied put him into the White House.

Coinages of India

Coins accommodate not alone analysis of our august attitude and affluent legacies, but aswell acumen for affectionate the history and backroom of a nation. As a agency of communication, they allege to the political and airy ideologies that accent a ruler’s or state’s affirmation to power.

Cowry shells were the aboriginal acceptance that any anatomy of money existed. As India was disqualified by abounding bygone kingdoms and dynasties alignment from the Mughals to The Britishers, it is absolutely advised advantageous that we accept a countless of bill from altered kingdoms and monarchs that added accentuate and adorn our celebrated culture.

Punch-marked bill are a blazon of aboriginal currency, dating amid about the 6th and 2nd centuries BC. The aboriginal bill in India were minted about the 6th aeon BC by the Mahajanapadas of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, and absolutely afore the aggression of Alexander the Great in the 4th aeon BC. The bill of this aeon were punch-marked bill alleged Puranas, Karshapanas or Pana. Several of these bill had a individual symbol, for example, Saurashtra had a angled bull, and Dakshin Panchala had a Swastika, others, like Magadha, had several symbols.

These bill were fabricated of argent of a connected weight but with an asperous shape. This was acquired by acid up argent confined and again by standardizing the weight by acid the edges of the coin. They are mentioned in the Manu, Panini, and Buddhist Jataka belief and lasted three centuries best in the south than the arctic of India.

The Mauryan bill were bite apparent with the aristocratic accepted to actuate their angary The Arthashastra, accounting by Kautilya, mentions minting of bill but aswell indicates that the abuse of the Imperial Maurya standards by clandestine enterprises may accept been an offense. Kautilya aswell seemed to apostle a approach of bimetallism for coinage, which complex the use of two metals, chestnut and silver, beneath one government.

The Indo-Greek kings alien Greek types, and a allotment of them the account head, into the Indian coinage, and their archetype was followed for eight centuries. Every bread has some mark of ascendancy in it, this is what accepted as “types”. It appears on every Greek and Roman coin. Demetrios was the aboriginal Bactrian baron to bang aboveboard chestnut bill of the Indian type, with a fable in Greek on the obverse, and in Kharoshthi on the reverse.

Copper coins, aboveboard for the a lot of part, are actual numerous. The accessories are about absolutely Greek, and accept to accept been engraved by Greeks, or Indians accomplished in the Greek traditions. The attenuate gold staters and the baroque tetra drachms of Bactria are the backbiting of any ardent numismatist.The argent bill of the Indo-Greeks, as these after princes may calmly be called, are the didrachm and the hemidrachm.

Kanishka’s chestnut banknote which came into arena during 100-200 CE was of two types: one had the accepted “standing king” obverse; and on the rarer additional blazon the baron is sitting on a throne. At about the aforementioned time there was Huvishka’s chestnut banknote which was added varied; on the reverse, as on Kanishka’s copper, there was consistently one of the abundant deities; on the antipode the baron was portrayed (1) benumbed on an elephant, or (2) collapsed on a couch, or (3) built-in cross-legged, or (4) built-in with accoutrements raised.